Master History and Philosophy of Science (A 066 944)

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The master’s programme in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna is jointly taught by faculty from our five history departments, the Institute Vienna Circle, the STS department, and the Institute of Philosophy. The program equips students with the knowledge and competency to carry out investigations in history, cultural studies and philosophy in a broad sense of academic research. Students acquire substantial and methodologically precise competences in reconstructing, analysing and assessing:

1. the historical development of the discipline (central concepts, fields of knowledge, institutions, biographies) in all of its political, social, cultural, and gender-specific contexts; 2. models and questions in the philosophy of science; 3. the social motives, interrelations and consequences of academic research.

For general information regarding the programme, please click [here]. The curriculum can be found [here].

M01 Compensation Module: M1.1 Philosophy (20 ECTS), M1.2 History (20 ECTS), M1.3 Special Branch of Science (20 ECTS)
M02 Methods and Problems
M03 History of Science (20 ECTS)
M04 Philosophy of Science (20 ECTS)
M05 Specialization
M06 Master Module (5 ECTS)  

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